Learn about Energy Healing and how it can help you

Energy HealingEnergy Healing is a gentle, yet powerful healing therapy that…

  • Reduces stress and anxiety
  • Helps release fears and feelings of insecurity
  • Assists in removing emotional toxicity from the body
  • Reduces negative emotions and emotional baggage
  • Assists in removing negative thoughts
  • Assists in changing negative thought patterns
  • Improves emotional well-being
  • Enhances vitality
  • Instills overall sense of inner peace and serenity
  • Promotes positive thinking


During a treatment, the client remains fully clothed, seated in a chair or lying down on a massage table. The practitioner places her hands lightly on or just above the client’s physical body to apply the energy healing.

The treatment feels like a cathartic release and then calming radiance that flows in you. You may experience sensations of warmth, tingling, coolness. Energy Healing can produce feelings of peace, serenity and well being. Energy Healing is simple, natural and safe and all who experience it benefit from it.

Receiving an Energy Healing treatment will not interfere or replace traditional medical or psychiatric care but can enhance other medical/psychiatric treatments. Energy Healing complements all other forms of holistic healing. Treatments are offered only to adults.

Contact info@SpiritualSpectra.com to schedule an energy healing session.


“Thank you again for the wonderful energy healing today! I look forward to meeting with you again in the future. You are truly gifted.” – Paola Ascoli (Paola posted this testimonial on Facebook. She personally said to me that she could feel the negative energy being released from her body and positive energy flowing through it. She also said that she’d been to Reiki healers before but receiving my energy healing was the first time she could really feel energy healing working.)

“Try this [energy healing] 🙂 I did and it really helped get rid of the nasty energy weighing me down. It’s well worth it! Thank you!” Rebecca Costin (Rebecca posted this testimonial on Facebook.)


About spiritualspectra

Spiritual Spectra is a spiritual and holistic healing practice offering an array of services that increase wellness through the mind-body-spirit connection.
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