Why is a Business/Career Relationships not WORKING?

Man's foot on another man's head

Are you in a negative business/career relationship?

Don’t tolerate it for a second longer!

Stressed BusinesswomanA Spiritual Tarot Consultation can find the source of your problems, be it  the person, the situation or the environment.  It’s important to understand WHY a business/career relationship isn’t working so that you can make the right decision of how to resolve it.  You may think you know the reason but, what if you’re wrong and make a situation worse?

A Spiritual Tarot Consultation can get to the root of what is really
happening and give you advice as to the direction to take to move
forward in a positive direction.
Businesspeople Working

You deserve RESPECT! You deserve to be VALUED!
You deserve to work in a POSITIVE environment!

Let us help you get what you DESERVE!

Don’t wait! Contact us at info@spiritualspectra.com today!

Email us to schedule your consultation and then click on a link below to pay.

Eventbrite - 30 Minute Tarot Reading 30 min – $50: For information on a negative business/career relationship that’s been ongoing for a year or less.

Eventbrite - 60 Minute Tarot Reading 60 min – $100: For information on a negative business/career relationship that’s been ongoing for more than one year.

Eventbrite - 90 Minute Tarot Reading 90 min – $150: For information on multiple negative business/career relationships.


About spiritualspectra

Spiritual Spectra is a spiritual and holistic healing practice offering an array of services that increase wellness through the mind-body-spirit connection.
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