Press Release: Spiritual Dance

Press Release: Spiritual Dance

Spiritual Spectra

For Immediate Release

Spiritual Dance

COLUMBIA, Maryland, August 2, 2013 – Need to relieve stress and uplift your Spirit? Want to bring more joy into your life? Then join us for Spiritual Dance!

As of October 2, 2013 Spiritual Spectra will be offering Spiritual Dance session on a weekly basis on Wednesday evenings from 6-7pm at the Ellicott City Wellness Center. Spiritual Dance is an uplifting and liberating experience. For one hour, participants relax, unwind, and connect with their inner self.

Each Spiritual Dance session begins with a warm-up to stretch muscles and relieve stress. Followed by energy-raising dance movements that help participants connect with their inner-self. Culminating in a free-wheeling, uninhibited, self-expression dance. No dance experience is necessary just the desire to have fun.

For more information and to register, go to our website Find us on Facebook and follow us on Pinterest, Google+, and Twitter ! To schedule your appointment, contact us at

About spiritualspectra

Spiritual Spectra is a spiritual and holistic healing practice offering an array of services that increase wellness through the mind-body-spirit connection.
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