Fit for the Summer

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With this long, freezing winter, summer seems like it will never come.  But in just two months, summer will finally be here!  Do you want to look good and healthy this summer?  Don’t believe that every diet commercial you see on television works.  Those diets can be hard, and you may not get the results as fast as you want.  Here are some easy tips to eating healthy and exercising right to get the body you want before summer arrives.

When trying to eat healthy, remember that you are allowed to have snacks throughout the day.  Snacking can help you get rid of the urge to binge eat later in the day.  When snacking, stay away from overly salted foods, like pretzels because they retain fluid leading to water weight.  Instead of pretzels, eat sunflower seeds!

Peanut butter and avocados are two great ingredients that you can add to your lunch or dinner.  You can make a sandwich with peanut butter, which has protein and tons of vitamins to get rid of belly fat.  Avocados can be added to your salad, and they have the vitamins that also tones your stomach.

Healthy-SeafoodIf you like seafood, then I have good news for you!  Seafood is good for getting rid of belly fat.  And, if you poach the fish, it is also a low-calorie meal.

With all of your food, drink more water, and less soda.  The bubbles in sodas gather in your stomach, but water flushes the bubbles out.

In order to keep on track while at a restaurant, order your food and drinks first.  If you order last, and your friends and family order unhealthy foods, you are more likely to cheat.  Instead, you order first and set the example for a healthy meal for your friends and family.

Don’t rely on just your diet to make you healthy.  You have to exercise as well, but don’t worry, because exercising can be fun!

run with friendsCardio is the best way to lose belly fat, but instead of walking or running alone, invite a friend or family member.  That way, you can catch up and be healthy together.

If you want to join a gym, don’t forget to stand while lifting.  Standing will help your abs be used more for stabilizing and balancing you, which will get rid of belly fat.

Whether you are in the gym or not, good posture helps your abs to stabilize and get stronger, even while doing daily activities, including sitting!

Other fun ways to exercise with friends or family is to play tennis or kick box.  For those of you who have not done cardio exercise in a while, look to join yoga classes in your gym with friend or family member.  Yoga is also a great way to get your muscles and body ready to do more hardcore cardio.

work out with friendsDon’t forget to make exercising fun!

One last tip is to make sure you are continuously getting a good night’s sleep.  Getting more than seven hours of sleep at night helps you to be less hungry during the day.

Sleeping, eating healthy, and exercising are great and fun ways to get the body you want for the summer!

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