The perfect gift for him this Father’s Day!


Give your Father, Brother or Uncle the gift of Spiritual Well-Being!

Is your Father, Brother or Uncle overworked and under-appreciated? Then give him the gift of an Energy Healing Session with Spiritual Spectra. An Energy Healing Session can help reduce stress and enhance vitality.

Our greatest anxiety and stress comes from not knowing what might happen or what decisions to make. Spiritual Consultations convey messages that bring clarity to current issues or challenges and/or closure to unresolved issues.  Giving him a gift of a Spiritual Tarot Consultation can help alleviate his anxieties and stress.


Energy Healing Gift Certificates

Eventbrite - Gift for Father's Day - 30 Minute Energy Healing Session

Eventbrite - Gift for Father's Day - 60 Minute Energy Healing Session

Spiritual Tarot Consultation Gift Certificates

Gift Certificate for Father's Day - 30 Minute Spiritual Tarot Consultation

Gift Certificate for Father's Day - 60 Minute Spiritual Tarot Consultation

mad men tarot

Photo from TV show Mad Men (example only – not affiliated with the show nor does it constitute endorsement by show)

Spiritual Tarot Consultations and Energy Healing Sessions are conducted in our office in Columbia, Maryland. Spiritual Tarot Consultations can also be done over the phone or via skype so distance doesn’t matter – he can be anywhere in the world so long as he has a phone or computer.

Father’s Day Gift certificates must be purchased by June 21, 2015 but have no expiration date (good for only one consultation or session per gift certificate). Because gift certificates have no expiration date, there will be no refunds.

When you purchase the gift certificate for a Spiritual Tarot Consultation or an Energy Healing Session be sure to include the name of the recipient. Then have him email to schedule his appointment (please let him know to mention the Gift Certificate when scheduling).

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