Psychic Visions, the pieces to a larger puzzle

Psychic Visions are pieces to a larger puzzle. What happens when you only see a few pieces of a puzzle? For example, when you see the image below, what do you think is happening? [Click on the image to see it in full size.]

image of puzzle pieces

Pieces of the Puzzle

Psychics can sometimes misinterpret what they hear, feel or see because they are only getting various pieces of a larger puzzle. They do their best to analyze what they receive to convey it to their clients and in some cases may get it wrong because they may not get all the information and/or interpret it from their own point of view. The greatest challenge a psychic has is in piecing together what they hear, feel or see to understand the entire puzzle.

This is why early on I stopped analyzing and/or interpreting what I heard, felt or saw and rather just told the client outright exactly what I heard, felt or saw. It doesn’t matter if it doesn’t make sense to me so long as it makes sense to the client.

Some people have asked me, if you are a real Psychic why do you need Tarot cards at all?

image of Tarot cardsTarot cards are a means to sort out the various pieces of the puzzle I receive. The Tarot cards help me to sort the visions by determining the area of the life to which it pertains (career, love, family, etc.) and in the order that the visions happen (past, present or future).

I utilize Tarot cards to focus the visions I receive, I share exactly what I receive to the client and then the most important part of my Spiritual Consultation happens and that is when I work with the client to piece the puzzle together so that when they leave my consultation they have a clear understanding of the answer to their questions and have a plan to move forward in their life.

Some people have asked me, what distinguishes you from other Psychics or Tarot Card Readers?

Most share their psychic visions and/or what the Tarot cards mean but no more so the client is left with pieces not a whole puzzle.

Whereas during my Spiritual Consultation, after the Tarot Cards have been read I do an overview of all of the cards, consult with the client as to a direction to take in their life, help them develop a plan of action and/or provide advice as to how to handle a situation and in some cases refer them to resources. So my clients not only see the whole puzzle but understand what it means for their future.

Answer to Picture Puzzle

At the beginning of this article I posed a challenge to see if you knew what was happening just from a few puzzle pieces. Click here for the whole image to see if you were correct.


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