Rice & Soy Sauce…signs from Spirit that all is not well.

Amazing Property Energy Clearing today! The home I visited in Virginia was inhabited by 26 Spirits, 25 malevolent and only one benevolent. The owner of the home called me last week because of all of the following that had been happening in her home for over a decade.

image of Asian-American SpiritSpirit acts:

  • small piles of rice found throughout the home
  • the smell of soy sauce
  • electrical equipment being turned on and off
  • clanking noises
  • voices
  • shadowy figures
  • figures of people in the home who do not reside there
  • creepy negative feeling as if someone is watching
  • feeling unusually exhausted, drained and sick
  • amping up of negative emotions
  • items moved from the place they’d been left

Rice and Soy Sauce…signs from Spirit
What intrigued me the most of all that my client was experiencing in her home was the rice being found in various parts of her home and the pungent smell of soy sauce. All the other occurrences were quite typical for negative Spirits but this was quite different and rather unusual.

In speaking to my client, I learned she was Vietnamese and when I came to her home I spoke with the Spirit of her Great Grandmother who told me that she had been watching over her for years. Her Great Grandmother said that she had been protecting her from the Spirits in her home as best she could. The rice was initially a sign from my client’s husband’s grandmother in Spirit who had a few years earlier come over from Vietnam along with my client’s husband. Upon arriving in this new country, Grandmother Spirit found that her new home was inhibited by many negative Spirits so she left the rice as a sign to her Granddaughter-in-law that something was very wrong in her home.

Unfortunately, my client didn’t understand the sign at all and so 3 years went by with her continuing to be disturbed by these negative Spirits, feeling drained and sick all of the time because of their negative energy and impacting negatively on her family.

Finally, last week her Great Grandmother decided to try one more time to warn her and so for a few hours my client could smell nothing but soy sauce. She said the smell was pungent and lingering and nothing she did took it away and it was then that she decided to call me to finally rid her of these negative Spirits. After she called me, the smell of soy sauce went away because my client had finally understood the message.

Helping 24 Spirits cross over
I’m proud to say that today I helped 24 Spirits trapped on the earthly plane to cross over to the Other Side to finally have the peace they need.

After helping these Spirits move on I took some time to share some more with my client what I’d learned about these Spirits. The original Spirit had inhabited the land long before the current home had been built. The Spirit chose this place because it was the home of people he’d murdered; in fact, the last in a long line of murders he committed before he died. He was trapped on the earthly plane because he refused to cross over, terrified at what awaited him on the Other Side. Over the years, he’d called out to other negative Spirits to inhabit this property along with him so he wouldn’t be alone. So over the years, more and more negative Spirits came and stayed. 23 of the 24 Spirits were longing for the peace of the Other Side but had been brainwashed by the original Spirit to believe that redemption and forgiveness was not possible for them and all that awaited them was pain. When my Spirit Guides opened the portal to the Other Side and they could feel the love, compassion and peace they went freely and eagerly. These Spirits will probably reincarnate to learn the lessons they failed to learn in this life but have the opportunity of redemption and forgiveness. The original Spirit did not want to cross-over and fought quite a bit to stay, he also refused to leave the home and stop affecting the family negatively. So my Spirit Guides trapped him in an Energy bubble and forced him to cross-over hopefully he will some day find peace.

After speaking with my client some time I felt the presence of another Spirit returning that had not been in the home when I arrived. I told the Spirit he had a choice, to leave freely or cross-over that he was no longer welcome in this home. He chose to leave and I left my client with a candle and crystals to help protect her in case any other Spirits choose to return. Her Great Grandmother said that she would continue watching over her and would leave rice again if any negative Spirits came so that this time my client would know to not wait and call me to come again to rid her of them.

I share this story so that those of you out there experiencing negative Spirits don’t wait, call today to find your peace! Call 1-888-934-3642 or email info@SpiritualSpectra.com.


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