It’s not just a headache. #NationalMigraineAwareness Month #Migraines

picture of woman with migraineHer eyes open slowly and as the rays of the morning sun pour in it feels like daggers through her eyeballs, the sounds outside her window feel like a jackhammer pounding on her head, her forehead is throbbing so hard she feels her head may just explode, her stomach gurgles and she fights the nausea ready to come out. No, she’s not getting over a hangover, she’s suffering from one of her monthly migraines.

Migraines, unlike headaches, can be quite debilitating. The symptoms of a migraine are similar to that of a terrible hangover or a flu which can make it hard for the sufferer to carry on their daily life. Migraines, unfortunately, are not often taken seriously by employers or loved ones so migraine sufferers are often viewed as slackers, lazy or hypochondriacs. Unlike headaches which a pill can take away in an hour or two, migraines can last all day and sometimes multiple days. So migraine sufferers have to recover whatever time they’ve lost at work or errands in their personal life after they’ve recuperated. This can be even more challenging if their employer or loved ones don’t take their illness seriously. Too many sick days can lead to losing one’s job, especially since most migraine sufferers are in too much pain to leave their home to go see a doctor and their migraines often go undiagnosed.

Upwards of thirty-seven million people in the United States suffer from migraines, according to the American Headache Society® (AHS) Committee for Headache Education.

This is why June is National Migraine Awareness Month and organizations such as AHS, American Headache and Migraine Association (AHMA), National Headache Foundation, and the American Migraine Foundation work hard to bring greater awareness.

What can YOU do to help?

June is National Migraine Awareness MonthThose who want to create awareness can…

  • blog about migraines;
  • make your facebook image a purple ribbon for purple stands for National Migraine Awareness month;
  • post updates on Facebook about migraines;
  • visit @ahsheadache @AMFMigraine @AHMAorg @HeadacheJournal and retweet updates about migraines; and
  • tweet about migraines, be sure to use hashtag #migraines.

Migraine sufferers can…

  • be open and honest about their migraines, particularly the symptoms suffered;
  • use the term “migraine” not “headache” to differentiate one from the other;
  • drink plenty of water throughout the day, as dehydration can cause a migraine;
  • eat vegetables daily for colon blockage can also cause a migraine;
  • limit your caffeine intake, excess of caffeine can cause migraines (this includes soda & chocolate);
  • avoid stress or find better ways to manage their stress through yoga, meditation, and Energy Healing;
  • track their migraines, when they occur, what they’ve eaten, and what they’ve done throughout the day to see if they can determine a preventable trigger;
  • go see their general practicing physician or a migraine specialist to document the fact that they suffer from migraines;
  • seek alternative healing methods such as Energy Healing to address their symptoms; and
  • blog, tweet and generally do what they can to bring greater awareness.

I’ll start…I’ve been a migraine sufferer my whole life as was my mother before me. Some years ago I discovered dehydration, lack of vegetables in my diet, too much caffeine and stress were causing my migraines. Since then, I drink water all day long, eat vegetables regularly, minimize my caffeine intake, and better manage my stress with Energy Healing and have cut down my migraines by 80%.

I didn’t make all these changes at once, they occurred over time. So if this seems overwhelming, maybe just start with one change today.

Let’s all help to bring greater awareness!

As Migraines become more visible, the lives of all of with Migraines will become easier.


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