Happy April Fool’s Day – learn about the Fool Tarot Card

Fool Rider-Waite DeckHappy April Fool’s Day! I want to take this day to share a bit about the Fool card.

The Fool card is the first card in the tarot. The Fool card represents the spirit in search of experience. The Fool is usually interpreted as the protagonist of a story, and the Major Arcana is the path the Fool takes through the great mysteries of life and the main human archetypes. This path is known traditionally in Tarot as the Fool´s Journey, this is why the Fool card is unnumbered representing that a person is at zero, a blank slate, a new beginning.1

The Fool is exuberant and eager to explore the world. The folly lies in overconfidence or taking a step too soon or in the wrong direction. A Fool can be a Fool. That business opportunity might not be so surefire or that new lover might not be so flawless. In the Rider-Waite Tarot deck, the Fool is shown as a young man, standing on the brink of a precipice with a small dog beside him. Like the Fool, you might be so busy sightseeing and imagining the possibilities that you completely miss the fact that you’re about to go right off a cliff! The card advises that one listen to that watchful little dog, which might be a concerned friend, a wise tarot reader, or just your instincts. However exciting new beginnings may be, you still have to watch your step.2

Fool ConnollyThe Fool is represented somewhat differently in other decks. In the Connolly deck, for example, the Fool stands at the crossroads, at the beginning of his journey, exploring which path to take. His load is light, unburdened but also unprepared for what might come. He is innocent of the trials of life, optimistic, poetic and courtly, much like we are in our youth. It is the Fool’s optimism that sustains him and helps him adapt during life’s challenges. Alongside the crossroads are daffodils nestled in the grass, harkening Spring. So as we enter Spring, think about what new opportunities lie before you! Just be sure and watch your step!3

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