Midsummer’s Guide to Wellness

Beaches, tennis, festivals, and endless nights. We all look forward to the moment we can live our best lives and try new things ― Summer. The best summers are the ones we can have moments and experiences to treasure for a lifetime. Truly living your best life is making healthy choices for your mind and body.
Woman on Beach
Summer is the time to relax and catch up on that much needed rest some of us have been deprived of from Fall to Spring. Resting the mind doesn’t necessarily mean resting the body. Let’s take advantage of all the healthy, physical activities the Summer brings and boost overall wellness. We have the luxury of soaking up extra vitamin D with the sunny and warm weather that Summer brings. Vitamin D is one of the most vital vitamins for our bodies to ensure our optimal health. Vitamin D strengthens our immune system, promotes bone strength, and increases good emotional health.

Speaking of vitamins, think about visiting a local farmers market and picking out some fresh fruits and vegetables. Fun fact: in the Summer months people tend to be less hungry and opt for lighter, less dense meals. That’s why stocking up on an abundance of fruits and vegetables is beneficial in providing those nutrients we need, while making sure it is both healthy and energy replenishing.

Lastly, Summer offers more opportunities of physical activity such as hiking, biking, fishing and swimming. Physical activity is good for strengthening our hearts, immune systems, and muscles. Try incorporating some activities that will get you out of bed and into the sun for vitamin D and fun!

Things to Experience Summer 2018:

Date Location Event
July 4 Washington, D.C. Independence Day Celebration
July 9 & July 14 Baltimore, MD The Featherstones Family Music Jam & Movie Festival in the Park
July 8 Silver Spring, MD Silver Spring Arts & Crafts Fair
July 14 Coltons Point, MD Potomac Jazz & Seafood Festival
July 17-19 Ocean City, MD Ocean City Greek Festival
July 20-22 Baltimore, MD Artscape Festival
July 21 & July 22 Mount Airy, MD Summer Reggae Wine Festival
August 12 Mount Airy, MD Taste of Linganore Beer, Wine and Food Festival
August 18 Barstow, MD Southern Maryland Wine, Jazz, R&B, and Funk Festival
August 25 Baltimore, MD Vegan SoulFest
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