Maximize the Rest of Your Summer!

It’s that time of year again when the initial excitement of summer has dwindled and the countdown to the upcoming school year has begun. As you flip your calendar to August, you might find yourself wondering: where did all the time go?

Perhaps all your time went to planning family vacations or trying to get your kids to switch off their video games and actually go out and enjoy their summer like you once did. No video game can ever compare to the rush of sun hitting your skin while you and your friends are engaged in a thrilling game of tag or bicycle races. You may then find yourself wondering what can you do to maximize the little time left you have of your summer and make it one to remember?

Here are a few ideas!

  1. image of a beachPlan one last small family vacation. It does not have to be an extravagant excursion. For example, Ocean City offers a fun destination for both short term and long term stays!

  3. image of roller coasterInspire your kids’ love of technology by showing them how exciting it can be when applied in the real world by taking them to Six Flags, which is conveniently located in Central Maryland.

  5. image of lakeBond with your family over a picnic in one of Maryland’s beautiful parks- Lake Elkhorn is conveniently located by the Columbia Mall and offers a two-mile path around the lake, with a view incomparable to any view on a screen.

Or, maybe you find yourself burnt out from the unexpected toll that summer has taken on you. All the pressure to relax and keep your family entertained can really tire you out so why not make the remaining weeks of summer a time of true rest and healing? We offer a holistic approach to stress alleviation through energy healing right here in our Columbia office!

Energy healing As you begin to maximize the end of your summer, you cannot forget the back-to-school season that is approaching, as much as you may want to. Are you or a loved one starting or returning to college in a few weeks? If so, pursuing higher education can cause anxiety, stress, and uneasiness. Help make the transition easier with the gift of peace of mind that Spiritual Spectra can offer! Through our spiritual consultations, we can assist you or your loved one with any anxieties or uneasiness regarding their upcoming educational path.

Happy summer! 

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