Help During Crisis

Three months ago we fell down the rabbit hole and like Alice found ourselves in new territory. Confused, unsure, and frightened, we wondered how we got here and how we might find our way back. Worst of all, we worried we may not, and if not, how we would navigate this new world. While our individual responses and experiences to the Coronavirus crisis have been varied, we all have endured being quarantined in our homes, walking around in face masks, and keeping our distance from one another.

picture of masksFor most of us, this is the first time that we have had something that has completely impacted every aspect of our lives and has required us to change how we live and function. When first quarantined, the focus was on staying safe, from only going to the grocery store possibly once a week to always staying 6 feet away from everyone. After the first couple of weeks, people realized that they couldn’t celebrate big achievements or religious holidays and weren’t allowed to gather to celebrate events such as the graduating class of 2020 or even someone’s wedding.

Throughout this time, many people have struggled with paying their monthly bills and having to take care of their children full-time; many young adults are struggling with their careers and unemployment and are anxious about what the future holds. Across all generations and age groups, this global pandemic has caused an extreme amount of stress and anxiety for everyone. Ultimately, with the global pandemic, it is extremely painful for everyone mentally and emotionally since it is frustrating to stay confined in quarantine and constantly worrying about one’s mental, emotional, and physical health.

However, don’t let these past few months get to you and stress you out! Here at Spiritual Spectra, we are devoted to helping you feel your best, physically, mentally, and spiritually.

picture of woman having difficulty sleepingAre you having trouble sleeping because you are stressed about being exposed to COVID? Many are constantly worrying and anxious about contracting COVID which can affect their sleeping habits and overall health. From headaches to migraines, anxiety and stress can cause many health issues.

picture of someone having indigestion issuesAre you having any problems with indigestion due to stress-eating and having anxiety about the global pandemic? Or because you are afraid to exercise outside too much since you could be exposed to COVID?

picture of someone with muscle painAre you having any muscle tension and pain during quarantine because you have been having little to no exercise for the past 3 months? Or because of chronic pain from fibromyalgia, arthritis or injuries and surgeries?

Spiritual Spectra can help!

Our Reiki/Energy Healing service can alleviate stress, anxiety, muscle tension and pain, digestive issues and more.

Energy HealingOur Reiki/Energy Healing service can be done from a distance over the phone and online. In addition, we have recently re-opened our business office in Columbia, Maryland for in person services.

We look forward to seeing you!

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