Read about the Crown Chakra, the 1st of our NEW Chakra Blog & Video Series!

Spiritual Spectra is excited to share this first blog about the Crown Chakra as part of our NEW Chakra Blog & Video Series!

From now until May 2021, each month we will be posting blogs on each of the Chakras. This blog begins the series starting with the Crown Chakra. We hope each month you’ll come back to read the next in the Chakra Blog & Video Series.

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This blog on the Crown (Sahasrara) Chakra will be discussing the impact this chakra has on our body, brain, thoughts, life view and how we view ourselves.

Each blog in this series will be accompanied by a video on our YouTube Channel. For  the Crown Chakra video, step into our office, relax, and let us give you a glimpse as to what a Crown Chakra Healing Session by our healing practitioner, Jennifer Garcia, is like. This video was recorded in a meditative ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) style to draw you into the space and make you feel as if you’re the client lying on our couch receiving a healing session. So after reading this blog, get comfortable and watch it:

Crown (Sahasrara) Chakra

The Chakras are numbered 1 to 7 beginning with the Root (Muladhara) Chakra at 1 and culminating with the Crown (Sahasrara) Chakra at 7 as part of our journey to wholeness. Most discussions on the Chakras begin with the Root Chakra because most believe it’s best to “start at the very beginning, a very good place to start”. However, while teaching the fundamentals, like music in the Sound of Music, is essential to learning an intellectual subject, the choice to learn and heal the Chakras is a life journey and one can only choose to do so if one understands why. The reason most people fail at achieving goals is because they don’t have a full grasp of the goal, understanding why they should achieve the goal, view of what achievement of the goal means for them and belief that the goal can be achieved. So in understanding how the Crown Chakra impacts our body, mind and spirit, you can begin this journey to healing and wholeness with a clear vision and the motivation to see it through.

Image of the Crown Chakra

Existing at the top of our head like a beautiful crown, the Crown (Sahasara) Chakra is connected to our brain, pituitary gland and nervous system because it is the ultimate chakra. Through the nervous system, the brain sends signals to every part of the body and controls everything we do, say and think. The brain defines who we are, how we function, and how we fit into the world. Therefore, when the Crown Chakra is fully open and align with all the other Chakras, we have completed our healing journey; we have accepted every part of ourselves; are fully connected with every part of ourselves; we appreciate our gifts and talents; we understand who we are and why we’re here; and are connected to everything that is and ever was.

To achieve this, we must begin with the brain and open our minds to believe that this healing is possible. When Yoda, in the Empire Strikes Back, with his mind lifts Luke’s starfighter out of the swamp after Luke failed to do so, Luke says, “I don’t believe it!” Then Yoda responds, “That is why you failed.” 

Do you believe that healing is possible? Do you believe that you are worthy of this healing? Because if you don’t believe, you will fail.

Believing in the possibility of something is essential to achieving anything in life. If someone doesn’t believe they can finish an education program, they won’t. If someone doesn’t believe they can do what’s necessary to get a promotion at work, they won’t. If someone doesn’t believe they can save enough money to buy a house, they won’t. If someone doesn’t believe they can meet a good person and be in a good relationship, they won’t. Now of course belief is never enough, one must put the work in and that is also true for healing. However, if you work and work but don’t believe, then you’re like a hamster spinning a wheel going nowhere.

So why is it so hard to believe? 

Could it be because when you found out your parents lied to you about the tooth fairy, you not only stopped believing in magic, something greater than yourself, but also  your parents?

Could it be because so many times in your childhood when you said, “I want to be…” or “I want to do…” your parents, family, teachers, friends or others in your community said that wasn’t possible?

Could it be because people will talk endlessly about their own failures and that of others but when someone achieves something good they get one party or one trophy and that’s it?

Could it be because people spend more time hoping that they’re sports team will win than hoping they will win at anything?

Could it be all of the above and then some?

Those around us from childhood and after who had limiting beliefs and shared those limiting beliefs with us had an impact on how we view ourselves and the world. These limiting beliefs come from a place of fear, lack, doubt, pain, and suffering. Their negativity was transformed into negative thoughts and limitations on what we think is possible for us. Then when you add your own life experiences of lack, pain and suffering, you compound the negativity that was put on you; you add to those negative thoughts; and you increase those limitations. It’s a wonder any of us gets out of bed in the morning thinking today is going to be a great day and everything is going to go my way!

 When the Crown Chakra is closed, we are prone to perceive life in a fearful and limiting manner accepting the programming from those around us with limiting beliefs. We may carry on certain ideologies and beliefs that have been passed down to us such as good times, abundance, and money are limited, that fear is something we should listen to, that some higher power is punishing us, that we are a mistake in the world, etc. When we are fearful of life, we tend to feel stressed, worried, and lost about how life is unfolding, possibly allowing ourselves to lose trust and faith in what we view as God, life, and ourselves. This ultimately paralyzes us in fear, preventing us from moving forward and growing with life or it may shape us in a way that is undesirable and uncontrollable. All of this fear, doubt, negativity, anxiety, and stress from a blocked Crown Chakra then manifests in symptoms such as headaches, migraines, dizziness, lightheadedness, difficulty sleeping, difficulty concentrating or focusing your thoughts,  confusion, unclear thinking, indecision, irrational thoughts, negative mindset, negative attitude, closed thinking, limiting beliefs, memory problems, and frighteningly worse can lead to diseases of the brain. The Crown’s Chakra’s association with the pituitary gland and nervous system is literally shown when we stress, our body produces cortisol resulting in lowered immunity leaving us open to a range of physical illnesses. 

 Now you may be thinking, well what about when we’re faced with a dangerous situation or our lives are at risk, shouldn’t we feel fear? I put it to you like this. who would you rather be in the following situation?

Situation: A stranger attacks and mugs person A then later in the day attacks and mugs person B. Person A is paralyzed by fear, sustains injuries, is hospitalized and when questioned by the police says they can’t remember anything it’s all a blur. Person B focuses their mind on how they can turn this situation around, fights the attacker, sustains injuries, but also injures their attacker, is hospitalized and when questioned by the police gives details on the approximate height, weight, hair color, distinguishing features such as scars or tattoos of their attacker, what their attacker was wearing, what their attacker said, what injury they caused their attacker, and the direction the attacker headed after the attack. 

Crown Chakra symbol

On the flip side, when the Crown Chakra is open, we find ourselves rising above our mental blocks of fear, limiting beliefs, programmings, and negative mindsets; allowing ourselves to accept, experience, and learn for ourselves what it means to really live and reach our fullest potential. This chakra represents our ability to master our minds in becoming comfortable with the uncomfortable, the unknown, and the process of deprogramming all false beliefs and fears. We become flexible and trusting enough to flow with life, while concurrently pushing ourselves to step outside of our mental comfort zone and onto new territories where the line wavers between excitement and uncomfort to truly live and reap the benefits of all life has to offer. 

Just as Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs points to self-actualization as the ultimate goal, the Chakra system points to this sense of mental liberation, and thus spiritual liberation, as the goal. Our spiritual fulfillment that leads us to feel the bliss that life offers lies on the other side of our programmed fears and requires us to have absolute courage to unlearn falsehoods and walk towards our own personal truth. 

To achieve this, we must first work through healing the other six chakras for each chakra has their own function. Each chakra has a journey of its own that leads us to our destined path of releasing our fears, challenging ourselves to grow into our potential, and filled with opportunities for joy, bliss, and profound peace. 

The journey to wholeness begins at the Root Chakra, like the roots of a tree it grounds us. When we’ve completed our journey of healing up to the Crown Chakra, it is like the leaves that have branched out reaching higher and higher to connect closer to the source of its growth, for the tree it is the sun and for us the higher source that we call God, Goddess, Universe and/or Source, etc.

The Crown (Sahasrara) Chakra is the center of our connection to some larger cosmic, spiritual force; whether we call that God, Goddess, the Universe, Source, etc. The Crown (Sahasrara) Chakra is also known as the “Thousand-Petalled Lotus”, as Sahasrara in Sanskrit means thousand or infinite, and “Brahmarandhra” meaning the door to God. For many spiritual seekers, opening up this chakra becomes the ultimate goal as it represents our pure and conscious connection to our personal God. An opened Crown Chakra connects us with a place of acceptance, peace, joy, spirit, faith, and enlightenment, even amongst chaos.

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