Read about the 3rd Eye Chakra, in our Chakra Blog & Video Series! Learn about connecting to intuition.

Spiritual Spectra is excited to share this next blog about the 3rd Eye Chakra as part of our Chakra Blog & Video Series!

From now until May 2021, each month we will be posting blogs on each of the Chakras. We hope each month you’ll come back to read the next in the Chakra Blog & Video Series.

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This blog on the 3rd Eye (Ajna) Chakra will be discussing how the Third Eye Chakra opens us to intuition, to a greater understanding of ourselves, and our true purpose.

Each blog in this series will be accompanied by a video on our YouTube Channel. For the 3rd Eye (Ajna) Chakra video, we offer you a meditation to help you begin to open up your 3rd Eye Chakra. Watch the beginning of the video to learn how you can set up a sacred space for yourself before you dive into the meditation. After you have chosen your way of purifying your space, sit back, lay down, and close your eyes as we guide you through the wonderful experience of opening up your third eye and connecting with your higher self.

Nestled right in between and slightly above our two physical eyes, the Third Eye (Ajna) Chakra, connected to our pineal gland, is the center of our intuition and clear sight. It is that which connects us with our divine self, divine purpose and, in conjunction with the Crown Chakra, leads us to enlightenment.

The pineal gland was once dubbed the “third eye”, because of its location deep in the center of the brain, connection to light and for years its purpose remained a mystery. It was said to have mystical abilities.* In the late 19th century, Madame Blavatsky (who founded theosophy) identified the pineal gland with the Hindu concept of the third eye, or the Ajna Chakra.** Also, the French philosopher and mathematician René Descartes (in 1649) believed the human pineal gland to be the “principal seat of the soul, and the place in which all our thoughts are formed.”* Though inaccurate because that would be the Crown Chakra, Descartes obviously deduced the connection between the pineal gland and the spiritual realm because of its connection to the 3rd Eye Chakra. Also, even though he was a mathematician and scientist, Descartes recognized that such a spiritual and mental center exists; he just misplaced the location of said center. The pineal gland’s actual function is to produce melatonin which regulates sleep and reproductive hormones. Although even today, some consider the pineal gland’s full purpose as still a bit of a mystery.

While the pineal gland is not the 3rd Eye, the 3rd Eye Chakra does impact the function of the pineal gland. When we are asleep, the deepest of REM sleep, we are open to connect with our deepest intuition and Spirit. This can also be done through deep meditation. This is why so often someone who would never consider themselves Psychic might have a prophetic dream or have a loved one in Spirit visit them in a dream. Because while only some who are truly gifted can do this while awake, every person has some minor Psychic ability and it is most often while asleep that one accesses it.

When the 3rd Eye Chakra is activated, healthy, and open we are able to see ourselves and our physical and spiritual reality with absolute clarity. While opening up our third eye can eventually lead us to commune with spirits, have premonitions, and heighten our extra sensory gifts (though for many this takes years or even multiple lifetimes to occur), the basic foundation really lies in that when opened up, we access our innate understanding of who we are at our essence, our spiritual purpose and calling. In Sanskrit, the Third Eye Chakra is referred to as Ajna which means “greater wisdom”. The Third Eye Chakra connects us with our higher power (God, Goddess, Universe, Source, etc.) which opens us to our true fulfillment, and what we are meant to do and create in this world. In many ways, the third eye can be seen as synonymous to Maslow’s final stage of self-actualization- because when we activate the third eye, becoming self-actualized is a natural by-product.

3rd Eye Chakra symbol

Every Chakra, as we describe in the introduction, represents a certain foundational basic that makes up a more wholesome version of us. The Third Eye is the center that represents our human need to know ourselves on a spiritual level- as it is only from knowing thyself are we able to exercise our full potential. As the philosopher Socrates said, “the unexamined life is not worth living”. Intuition isn’t always future-telling, it can often be the realization and understanding of who we are at this time in our lives, challenging us to be honest and open with ourselves about our life and life choices, providing clarity as to better choices to be made, and a better understanding of why we have made the choices we’ve made for good or bad. Intuition is connecting with our highest self for the purpose of our highest good. This may mean seeing ourselves in a new light, recognizing our faults, vices, or habits so that we may see how and why we have fallen short of our highest good but only ever with the purpose of moving forward. It is not about guilt, regret or recrimination (human traits) but about learning from our mistakes, having compassion for ourselves, healing ourselves so as to journey forward to a happier and more fulfilled life.

When someone chooses to ignore their intuition, their third eye starts to close and manifests as spiritual delusion, depression, and loss of hope, vision, and direction. That person feels hopeless in that there is no meaning or purpose to their life or life itself. They tend to either mistrust everyone because they don’t even trust themselves or trust everyone but themselves and look to others for guidance or blame, without ever taking responsibility for themselves. When actively being healed, it is an extremely fulfilling connection to the inner spiritual self, where one is spiritually guided and for those who are looking for something deeper, it is the place of psychic connection where one is able to connect with their Spirit Guides and Angels.

Opening the Third Eye is an extremely personal journey into the self and self revelation. It is a journey to be taken with deep consideration, an open mind and heart, and for the purpose of the highest good. If you are ready to take this journey, then open yourself to this 3rd Eye Chakra Meditation. Prior to meditating, it is vitally important to create a sacred space so please watch the beginning of the video first on how to do so. Then once prepared and you’ve created sacred space, get comfortable and join us on a journey to open up to your intuition.


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