Happy New Year 2021 from Spiritual Spectra! Wishing you health & happiness!

To help you end 2020 with some insight and inspiration and welcome in the 2021 New Year, we have had an ongoing blog and video series all about the Chakras! In 2020, we posted 3 blogs here on our website and 3 videos on our YouTube Channel. From now until May 2021, each month we will be posting blogs and videos on each of the Chakras. We hope each month you’ll come back to read and view the next in the Chakra Blog & Video Series!

To help our readers and followers, we have a contest to win a FREE Chakra Healing Session! To be eligible to win the contest, when sharing this blog & accompanying video include #ChakraHealingSpiritualSpectra and tag our social media site(s)!
Click here for details on the contest.


About spiritualspectra

Spiritual Spectra is a spiritual and holistic healing practice offering an array of services that increase wellness through the mind-body-spirit connection.
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