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Spiritual Spectra is excited to share this next blog about the Heart Chakra as part of our Chakra Blog & Video Series!

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For the Heart (Anahata) Chakra video, we offer you a Meditation to open up your Heart Chakra to love yourself.

Heart Chakra

The Heart Chakra is at the very center, the very core of all the chakras for it is at the heart of who we are. Above it are the upper chakras, Throat, Third Eye and Crown, and below it are the lower chakras, Solar Plexus, Sacral and Root. It is what unites them, as it is what connects us with others. The heart chakra is connected to the heart, it is the center of the love we have for ourselves and that which we share with others.

For those who have trouble connecting with and feeling certain chakras, it is said to best to start with the heart. Because we are literally beings made of love. Placing our hands over our heart, breathing, and intentionally basking in the love of the heart can be a very strong and suitable method for someone who is just learning how to “feel.” 

Even when we don’t try, our hearts tend to always be there to remind us that it exists and that love exists. When we are around family, friends, community, lovers, animal friends, doing what we love, and or even being by ourselves, we have had at least one moment where we have felt our heart vibrate, skip a beat, and/or even sink, burn or close from an unpleasant event.

Compared to our brain, the electromagnetic field of our heart is said to be 60 times greater in amplitude and 100 times its strength. Which brings light to where the notion of how opening up your third eye starts and is powered from an opened heart chakra (pulling the energy of the heart upward and into the third eye) comes from as the heart’s energy is that great and powerful. When we open up our heart, we achieve the ability to understand another dimension of life through our ability to feel. This entails us understanding how we honestly feel about situations, ourselves, and others which aids us in the clear sight and knowing in the third eye. As we continue to open up our hearts, we fine tune our ability to feel, becoming more and more sensitive to subtle energies. 

image of hands embracing energy and flower representing the heart chakra

Our heart center opens up with our intention to feel our ability to love unconditionally and connects the lower three (Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus) chakras with the upper three (Throat, Third Eye, Crown) chakras. Love truly being one of the most powerful centers of us as is the essence of who we are. The Heart Chakra plays a vital role in pulling upward the urges (energy) of the lower three chakras of our root, sacral, and solar plexus and into our heart space. The aim in our human evolution is to bring up the more “animalistic” energies of us (lower three chakras of needing survival and a solid connection to Earth (Root), pleasure and sensuality (Sacral), and a solid healthy ego, identity, and sense of power (Solar Plexus) upwards to serve love, our heart and our higher selves.

Allowing ourselves to open up our heart and be vulnerable in the presence of the power of love can be the driving force that brings up any shadow aspect of our faults and alchemizes them into something pure. The meaning of the Heart Chakra term Anahata is “flawless” or “unhurt” meaning when we consciously choose to clear the trauma out of our hearts, we begin to operate at this level of a flawless consciousness. We build a Root foundation by finding security where we do not compromise our integrity. We engage with our Sacral center by playing in pleasures that are good for us and driven by love and intention. Our Solar Plexus personality, ego, and will reflects our heart and soul.

How an open Heart Chakra manifests though isn’t becoming a doormat, however. There is a reason why “tough love” is a phrase or “righteous anger” in the face of evil is necessary. The Heart Chakra is a flawless nature where we are moved by love and this can be seen in many different ways from calling someone out for their lack of integrity or keeping quiet and holding space for someone who is venting. As long as we are guided by our heart, we will always remain flawless.

This Chakra, essentially, is the powerhouse of who we are. Of course, everyone will have different Chakras they resonate with and feel is their primary energy center but love, as our essence, will be essential to our life force. It has been one of the greatest mysteries of our lives that even the most cynical and logical person still has a childlike wonder, awe, and reverence for the enigmatic force of love. Even amidst all the hardships of life, love is truly that one thing that saves us and makes life worth living. 

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