Read about the Heart Chakra, in our Chakra Blog & Video Series! Love your partner!

Spiritual Spectra is excited to share this next blog about the Heart Chakra as part of our Chakra Blog & Video Series!

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For the Heart (Anahata) Chakra video, we offer you a Meditation to open up your Heart Chakra to connect with your love partner.

Heart Chakra

The love that we share with other people is, without a doubt, the single most powerful thing that has driven humans beyond just surviving. It’s one type of euphoria to bask in our own self love, but it’s another when we can share that with others; such as family, friends and romantic relationships. In fact, it’s not crazy to say that shared love is what keeps us moving, living, and feeling like life is worth it. 

In just a few weeks, we celebrate Valentine’s Day which honors the bond of love between two people. This holiday is intended to be a means to recognize that special person in our lives and let them know what they mean and how much we care. Romantic love can move mountains, but if two people are together for the wrong reasons it can equally tear it down. When someone is heart broken 💔 the physical heart can manifest symptoms of pain, burning or palpitations. Someone filled with real love feels their heart is strong, beating powerfully and filled so much they want to share that love.

The motivations for and types of romantic relationship can be understood and represented through each of the Chakras. The first type of relationship is the one that operates at the level of consciousness of the Root Chakra where two people are together purely for security and survival. It could be that either one or both of them had an unstable childhood or many broken relationships and seek to be with someone who won’t hurt them and can provide them with stability.  The Sacral Chakra type is where two people are together for wealth and comfort and/or strong sexual attraction. The Sacral Chakra is our desire for pleasure and comfort and some people turn solely to this to mask other issues they prefer not to face. Solar Plexus is one where people are together for power, prestige, and fame. They seek a partner that will advance their career or prominence. These lower three Chakra types of relationships are void of love. Instead of seeing, loving, and supporting the full spectrum of Human that their partner is, these relationships are based on the selfishness of using another to satisfy the needs that we need to secure for ourselves.

The fourth type, resonating at the Heart Chakra, is the first place where people are together for love. They are capable of standing alone and strong within their own Root, Sacral, and Solar Plexus Chakras that they do not need another to complete them and rather are with another for love. They have assessed one another’s character, values, and morals and found that they are well suited for one another on a deep level. They push each other to be the best and most fulfilled versions of one another. They challenge each other to be more vulnerable and open up to loving one another for who they truly are. They listen to one another, are respectful, and operate with integrity within the partnership. This type of relationship functions through the consciousness of love. 

The upper Chakras of the Throat, Third Eye, and Crown are where soulmates come to unite to aid one another in their spiritual calling but the journey always starts at the consciousness of the heart. 

In our heart, we learn to love ourselves deeply first to not only learn how to love another, but to learn how to fully accept love that comes our way. We love ourselves enough to no longer accept a partner who is only with us for security, comfort, or our status. We love ourselves to only engage in reciprocal and mutual partnerships with people who love us. Here, we are safe to be vulnerable in giving love to another purely from our heart as the energy is not being depleted and used, but rather cycled back to us out of love. 

In conducive environments that support us to be our best, humans are truly generous, benevolent, and loving creatures. When we feel loved, we feel compelled to pour that love out and pass it on. And ironically enough, it’s the act of giving love to another out of love that makes the experience of love so powerful. 

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