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Spiritual Spectra is excited to share this next blog about the Solar Plexus Chakra as part of our Chakra Blog & Video Series!

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For the Solar Plexus (Manipura) Chakra video, sit back and picture yourself in our office space getting a Solar Plexus Chakra Healing Session.

☀️ Located right at our gut and representing the element of fire, the Solar Plexus Chakra is the stage in our consciousness where we learn to digest experiences in our lives into a state of empowerment and personal power. This level of our development is directly related to Maslow’s Esteem needs. Here, we attain our own sense of worth, empowerment, and individuated identity. Attributes related to this Chakra are such as boundaries, gut feelings, and ego.

Meaning the “City of Jewels,” our Manipura Center is the place where our true and authentic essence becomes integrated with our ego and personality. The saying of when one releases their ego, they gain their soul is prominent in this Chakra. Rather than “kill” off our ego, it is the process of our ego evolving and learning to maintain the principles of self-respect and dignity. The ego then grasps onto the humble nature that is required to experience life and therefore, bring forth our soul. This balanced nature of humble dignity is the cosmic stage where we feel entitled to our own self-worth, but yet understand we are always a part of something greater than ourselves.

This state of empowerment where we are truly an accurate and aligned expression of our own being’s highest self and potential, we feel entitled to our own life, voice, and boundaries. We are a walking embodiment of respect towards ourselves, others, and life. We learn to trust our gut feelings, maintain discipline, and speak up about our needs. The opening of this center is the awakening of the realization that we have the right to experience beautiful moments and have a fulfilling life.

As Maslow describes his Esteem Needs as a place where an individual acquires fulfillment through their own being and exercising the accomplishment of goals, this center speaks of achieving our soul’s desires. Whether it’s putting down a cookie to achieve a health goal or studying to pass a certification, little steps in exercising the soul will lead us to feel more empowered in our role as a co-creator with the Universe.

We experience first-hand that goals are possible and attainable and that our internal guide of gut feelings are worth listening to. We are led to success through listening to ourselves and intuition; empowering ourselves even more as a conduit of the Universe.

This self-respect serves as a foundation to our fulfillment in life as we learn that we are entitled to loving and being loved (Heart), having a voice (Throat), having a spiritual experience (Third Eye), and being an innate expression of the Cosmos (Crown). Even with the lower chakras, this empowerment leads us to allowing ourselves to enjoy our grounded nature (Root) and sensorial pleasures (Sacral). We become a balanced and whole being that feels powerful in this journey of life.

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