Read about the Root Chakra in our Chakra Blog & Video Series!

Spiritual Spectra is excited to share the final blog in our Chakra Blog & Video Series about the Root Chakra!

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For the Root (Muladhara) Chakra video, we offer you a Meditation to open up your Root Chakra to connect with Nature to feel grounded, safe and secure.

The Root (Muladhara) Chakra is the first energy center that sits at the base of our spine. The term Muladhara in Sanskrit means: Mula: “root, base, origin” and Adhara: “foundation, ground and support”. The Root Chakra is the root of our physical being while the Crown Chakra is the root of our spiritual being. The goal is to unite these two polarities by opening up the Chakras from Root to Crown and then have Spiritual Energy go through the Crown downward to the Root Chakra aligning all the Chakras together. The Root Chakra is the first Chakra we must cleanse in order to embark on a journey to open up each of the Chakras and develop ourselves to a complete energetic wholeness.

The Root Chakra represents our connection to our body and the Earth. When this Chakra is open, we are completely grounded in ourselves. We feel stable, secure, healthy, and mobile in our body. It represents the two bottom levels of Maslow’s Physiological and Safety Needs of needing food, water, and safety. Opening this Chakra develops a solid foundation for all the other Chakras to unfold naturally. Before we attempt to open ourselves up to our creativity (Sacral Chakra), identity (Solar Plexus Chakra), feelings (Heart Chakra), voice (Throat Chakra), intuition (Third Eye Chakra), and spiritual wisdom (Crown Chakra), we first need to get proper rest, nutrition, exercise, water, and security.

When this Chakra is closed, blocked and/or out of alignment with the other Chakras, we tend to feel unstable, chaotic, and fearful about life. We constantly worry about and fear what will happen next. We project a lack of trust in the world and life because we actually do not trust ourselves in certain experiences or places. When we feel unstable, insecure, chaotic, as if the very ground beneath our feet has shaken us to the core, we respond with fear, anger, self doubt, doubting others and are in a continual state of panic. When we act on only this level of consciousness, we may sacrifice our integrity, have no concept of morals, and cause destruction wherever we go.

Instability in our lives makes us feel as if we don’t have sure footing, balance. This is evidenced in the body through Yoga, Tai Chi, and Martial Art practices where if the person’s body isn’t grounded and secure they will likely imbalance, fall and/or injure themselves. Through all these body movements of unifying the mind and body towards one singular focus we learn how our body itself is essential to our spirituality. The Root Chakra teaches us to create a stable foundation within our body first, so we can open up each of the Chakras upwards to the Crown Chakra.

A great way to open up this Chakra is to exercise, stretch, move, dance in a way that works out the legs and bottom half of the body. As this Chakra embodies the concept of foundation, working out in any way that accentuates our body feeling more stabilized and grounded is beneficial to this Chakra. This also benefits us physically because our bodies are meant to be in motion not sitting for hours stagnant. Body sculpting workouts, for example, help develop more confidence and thus groundedness to one’s body. Be careful though not to get obsessed with body building so much so that you don’t develop any other aspects of yourself.

The Root Chakra is at the base of all the Chakras, the base of who we are. It is our starting point, it is us crawling around and learning to walk, and when we feel safe and secure we grow. When we don’t feel safe and secure, our emotional and spiritual growth is stunted. Because it is the base, it relies heavily on all the other Chakras to be in alignment and balanced to help us grow. When the Root chakra is open and clear, we feel rooted, grounded, safe and secure like the roots of a tree firmly planted and as such we can grow and grow and grow.

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