Take a Trip this Summer!

Take a trip this Summer! Whether it’s getting to know the area in which you live better by exploring places you’ve never been or traveling to another city or state, stay safe but have fun

Spending time with your family and friends does not need to be somewhere cooped up in your own home or theirs. You can take a trip somewhere close by or even places that don’t require a lot of human contacts. So let’s continue to encourage social distancing, but still, create memories and life-lasting experiences with the people you love.

Places to see in Maryland

Did you know in Maryland there are several different places you could explore and experience without being too bunched up indoors? Listed below are some places that are recommended by the state of Maryland for those traveling to visit and see!

  • Less than 10 miles from Ocean City’s boardwalk there is a beautiful shore of Assateague Island. It’s known for its wild horses along with a vast variety of birds that inhabit that area. This 37-mile long barrier island has camping sites on the ocean and even around the bay sides. It also has nature trails and even seasonal nature programs! For more information check out their website at: https://www.nps.gov/asis/index.htm
  • Having a small getaway from the highway is always essential in everyone’s life. The Scenic Byways in Maryland has charming towns, bountiful nature, and even hidden gems. These sites are filled with photo-worthy landscapes, educational opportunities that are informative, and even experiencing local Maryland’s delights! 
  • On the west side of Maryland there are places that will leave you breathless. Hiking up to Swallow Falls State Park is known for their scenery and several waterfalls, such as the Muddy Creek Falls. With their 54-ft. waterfall that is ringed with tall hemlocks and greenery. For more information check out their website at: https://dnr.maryland.gov/publiclands/pages/western/swallowfalls.aspx
  • Do you like live theater, steam trains, and exploring other scenic views? The City of Cumberland is known for their Canals and other outdoor mountain life that can only be found in the Alleghenies. It’s a great place to experience the outdoors. Along with learning this small town’s history that dates back to 1787. For more information check out their website at: http://www.ci.cumberland.md.us/

Sources for above: https://www.visitmaryland.org/things-to-do/free-things-to-do

Other Places to go Visit!

As we are transitioning into reopening places, traveling has become a talk amongst others.  Is it safe to go to different places right now? They say it is, but some people are still worried and that’s okay. Below are some outdoor museums that are fun, unique and even breathtaking. These trips require little to no contact with others, but still manage to give you and your family a fun and one in a lifetime experience.

  • New York is known for its hustling and bustling city life. But did you know there is a park in Hudson Valley that showcases sculptures outside? Storm King is currently displaying Kiki Smith River Light, which is inspired by Smith’s interests in space and water. Smith also features mid-career artists from time to time, which every visit can be a different type of experience. 
  • Engaging with the natural environment is something most of us don’t think about. In Massachusetts, Clark Art Institute will display, that which they call, Ground/work, which translates to the artistic view of Clark’s landscape. It’ll start taking visitors in September, which then guests will be able to view the woodland trails and meadows that they have installed.
  • How about a nice hike with nature along with having a view of different sculptures while you’re at it? Michigan Legacy Art Park is located in Michigan, and they are known for their art, nature, and history. It is a 30-acre wooded land, with two miles of hiking trails through the forests, along with 49 unique sculptures, and 31 poetry stones that are showcased. It’s filled with beauty and scenic views that you do not want to miss. 

For more recommendations check out these links below!

Forbes: https://www.forbes.com/sites/laurabegleybloom/2020/08/06/safe-covid-travel-open-air-art-experiences/?sh=1509081b1b98

U.S.News: https://travel.usnews.com/features/social-distancing-outside-safe-places-to-go-and-things-to-do

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