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Self-care is of utmost importance yet we often neglect ourselves because we prioritize our work, our family, and our friends above ourselves. Yet when we fall ill, we can be of little help to our work, family and friends. Most people do more preventative maintenance on their vehicles, getting oil changes, checking and fixing brakes and rotating tires, than their own bodies. Yet when bodies break down, it’s far more costly and far more challenging than when cars break down. Self-care is not selfish. Self-care is how we fuel ourselves so that we can be of help to others.

This blog is part of a self-care series. In part 1 of our self-care blog series, we focused on ways to improve mental health. In part 2 of this blog series, we will be discussing the physical side of self-care.

Preventative maintenance on our bodies is about getting our bodies moving and fueling the body with the necessary nutrients it needs to function. Staying active is an essential part of self-care. With our busy lives, it is important to take care of ourselves and put aside time to take care of our physical health. Regular physical activity can not only strengthen our bodies but also improve our general mental wellbeing.

Exercising the body is exercising the mind. Working out has been proven to help with relieving stress and anxiety, as it releases chemicals called endorphins. This chemical interacts with your brain and also triggers a positive feeling throughout your body.

There are a number of ways to change your daily routine and incorporate a more healthy lifestyle:

Walk with your friends

Exercise doesn’t have to necessarily be a workout, it can be a fun time with family and friends! Going to local events such as corn mazes is a fun way to be social while also keeping your body moving. This event is family friendly, so this is also a great way to introduce your kids to exercise in a fun, casual way. Another way to be social and fit is to go on hikes. Going to new places or walking on new trails provides a great scenic experience of mountain views and waterfalls and is great for your body! Lastly, if walking isn’t your favorite activity, swimming is a great alternative. Swimming works every muscle in your body. Whether it’s a pool, lake, river or the beach, swimming is fun by yourself or with family and friends.

At home fitness
For many of us, the gym may seem intimidating. This is mostly because we don’t know the right things to do at the gym or this may be because of restrictions due to COVID-19. To slowly ease into things, there are a number of ways to incorporate exercise right in the comfort of your own home. High-intensity training (HIT) exercises is a popular form of at home exercise. They are brief, frequent, and intense. The best part is, you don’t need to go to the gym!

Fuel the mind and body
The food you eat plays a huge role in your physical and mental health. What you put in your body fuels your body and mind. Making sure to eat healthy can make your body feel better which in turn benefits your mind.

The challenge for most is they think eating healthy is denying themselves and therefore view it negatively. Eating healthy is not starvation, it is about choosing foods that are high in the nutrients that your body needs. Eating healthy is not just salads; because you can have a full, hot, healthy meal that doesn’t include lettuce and tomato. Eating healthy isn’t stale and boring rice cakes, it can be fresh and delicious food. Eating the rainbow is essential to good physical health.

The key to beginning eating healthy is to make little steps making better choices. For example, instead of going to Starbucks for a Frappuccino and biscotti for breakfast or to get over the midday hump, try going to Smoothie King for a fruit smoothie like Blueberry Heaven or Shedder Strawberry. They are naturally sweet, delicious and nutritious! Because while caffeine and sugar may give you a temporary boost, eventually it will give you a hard crash. Also, too much caffeine or sugar can make the mind race and feel like your mind is on overdrive. If you’re someone who has difficulty with focus or memory, this could be the reason.

When it comes to exercise, above all consistency is key. But let’s face it, sometimes exercise can be boring and there are days when you lack motivation. Try setting a goal for the day so you have something to look forward to after every workout. At the end of the day the only person that’s in the way of self improvement is yourself.

Incorporating physical activity into your everyday life from weekend hikes to a morning 10 minute HIT workout every day, can make you feel better and stronger.

Making changes in your physical health will also greatly improve your mental health as they are linked. For example, getting better sleep will make you feel better the next day, giving you more energy to work on your physical health.

While all of this can be done on your own, sometimes it may feel intimidating. Spiritual Spectra offers services that can help aid in your personal goals to achieve a better well-rounded body and mind. Energy Healing offered by Spiritual Spectra can help ease pain as you begin to get your body moving and also release stress and anxiety that is blocking a positive mindset. Spiritual Spectra also offers Goal Setting Consultations and Spiritual Consultations that can offer you guidance as you move forward toward a healthy lifestyle.

The mind, body and spirit are connected. It is important to value all three. In Part 3 of this blog series, we will focus on spiritual well-being and how it can help you clear your mind and improve your physical health.

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Spiritual Spectra is a spiritual and holistic healing practice offering an array of services that increase wellness through the mind-body-spirit connection.
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