Energy Healing

Spiritual Spectra offers Energy Healing services.Feeling stressed or overwhelmed?
Stress stays within the body and can cause headaches, poor sleep, stomach problems and more. Spiritual Spectra offers Energy Healing which is a gentle, yet powerful healing therapy that releases stress from your body leaving you feeling relaxed.

Contact us to schedule your Energy Healing session in our Columbia, Maryland office. Read further for cost and appointment information.

image of man receiving Energy HealingBenefits of Energy Healing

  • Reduces stress & anxiety to improve overall well-being
  • Releases fears & feelings of insecurity to build up self-esteem
  • Transforms negative thoughts to promote positive thinking
  • Releases past trauma to improve current relationships
  • Alleviates symptoms of stress and migraine for better daily function
  • Releases negativity & emotional baggage to attain serenity
  • Removes emotional & spiritual blockages to deepen spiritual connection

image of woman receiving Energy HealingTreatments

During a treatment, the client remains fully clothed, seated in a chair or lying down on a massage table. The practitioner places her hands lightly on or just above the client’s physical body to apply the energy healing.

Our method of Energy Healing was developed by our founder Jennifer Garcia, it is based on Reiki but adds an essential element to the healing process that is not used by other Energy Healing practitioners and is unique to our practice. Our method of Energy Healing also incorporates Chakra Balancing and Aura Healing to help restore you to your optimum health.

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photo of woman receiving Energy HealingMedical Advisory

Energy Healing is simple, natural and safe and all who experience it benefit from it. Receiving an Energy Healing treatment will not interfere or replace traditional medical or psychiatric care but can enhance other medical/psychiatric treatments. Energy Healing complements all other forms of holistic healing.

Our founder Jennifer Garcia is a Medical Intuitive so she is able to identify areas of the body that may need Energy Healing or can advise you if further medical assistance may be necessary.

For those in good health, it is advisable to receive Energy Healing at least four times a year and for those under stressful situations, it is advisable to receive treatment once a month.

Cost and Description*:

45 min – $75: Release one area of stress, anxiety, negativity or emotional baggage (ongoing situations may require multiple sessions)
buy a Spiritual Spectra 45 Minute Energy Healing Session

75 min – $125: Release two areas of stress, anxiety, negativity or emotional baggage (ongoing situations may require multiple sessions)
Eventbrite - 75 Minute Energy Healing Session

* The first 15 minutes of the appointment is for intake, learning what the client is undergoing and why they seek healing. This is important to plan a healing session that addresses the client’s needs. The remainder of the appointment is the application of the Energy Healing.

Choose the Energy Healing Session that is right for you, pay and then contact us to schedule your session. We also accept cash on day of appointment.

Energy Healing can also be offered for groups and events, click here for more information and pricing. Contact us to schedule.

We also offer Energy Healing Sessions at Metaphysical/New Age/Psychic fairs and festivals. Click here for our Calendar listing of Energy Healing Session opportunities and events. Times and cost for healing sessions at fairs and festivals may vary.

Appointment Information:

  • You must be at least 18 years old to receive an Energy Healing session.
  • Payment Policy: We accept cash and Visa, Master card, Discover card and American Express credit/debit cards – no personal checks. Clients can pay in cash on the day of their consultation. Clients paying with credit/debit cards must pay in advance.
  • Punctuality policy: Clients are expected to arrive on time on agreed upon appointment date and time. If they are 15 minutes or more tardy, then they will be charged for this time accordingly or if our service time is diminished, no refunds will be given.
  • Cancellation policy: Cancellations must be made at least 48 hours prior to appointment; otherwise clients will be responsible for full cost of session. Should there be an emergency, no charge will be made; however, proof of said emergency will be required to void payment requirement.
  • Clients remain fully clothed during session. Comfortable clothes are preferable for your own convenience but dress does not matter with regards to session.
  • Watches, cell phones and any other electrical, metal or magnetic items will be asked to be removed. If you have a pacemaker or any other electrical, metal or magnetic item in your body please let us know (you can still receive treatment but it alters our approach for your safety and well-being).
  • For maximum benefit, it is recommended that you do not consume any alcohol, high caffeine or energy drink and practice moderation in exercise/work 1 hour prior and 1 hour after an Energy Healing session. Consumption of these might cause the person to feel light-headed and dizzy. If the person does consume these and has an Energy Healing Session it is recommended that they wait at least 20 minutes before driving.
  • Disclaimer: While the Energy Healing session is designed to be helpful, we make no guarantees about the outcome of your session.

Because we are centrally located, our Energy Healing Sessions serve the following communities: Columbia, Ellicott City, Elkridge, Catonsville, Jessup, Fort Meade, Laurel, Fulton, Silver Spring, Clarksville, Highland and Olney,  Maryland. Contact us to schedule an appointment today!