Corporate Wellness

Corporate Wellness Programs offered by Spiritual Spectra improve the work environment.Establishing a Corporate Wellness Program can help your executives and staff:

  • increase productivity and efficiency,
  • expand their creativity,
  • improve workplace communications and relations,
  • develop a positive working environment, and
  • become emotionally healthy and well-balanced.

As a result, this can minimize absenteeism, staff turnover, and stress-related expenses.

For businesses with 3 or more employees, we can travel onsite to your business location, staff retreats, conferences, expos, and corporate events. Locations outside of Central Maryland and Washington, DC may incur a travel expense. Businesses with 2 or less employees must come to our office for services (except for Property Energy Clearing service which is always offered at your business location). Services can also be offered online via Zoom.

Please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page prior to contacting us for answers to method of payment, and more. Contact us to learn how to set up a Corporate Wellness Program for your business.

Not sure which of our services might suit your business? Read further to see problems your business might be experiencing and the solution for it.

Problems: Low motivation and productivity
Solution: Group Meditation for Executives & Staff

image of a man and a woman wearing suits seated in meditative pose on chairsLow motivation in employees can stem from a lack of focus and unclear goals. The most common result of low motivation in employees is low productivity which can lead to lower profits. The benefits of Meditation is increased focus and motivation, reduced reactivity, and a more peaceful demeanor.

Spiritual Spectra can provide Meditation Sessions for your executives and staff to clear their mind and boost morale resulting in improved quality of work and a positive work environment. Read about some of the benefits of Meditation in the workplace.

Problems: Employee conflict or high anxiety around achieving deadlines
Solution: Individual Energy Healing Sessions or Consultations for Executives & Staff
Spiritual Spectra offers Corporate Wellness Services.

High anxiety can create a negative workplace which results in lower productivity and costly mistakes which ultimately affects the bottom line. Energy Healing is a powerful healing therapy that releases stress, anxiety and negativity.

Spiritual Spectra can provide Energy Healing Sessions for your executives and staff to ease their tension, improve communication and increase productivity. Click here to learn more about the Benefits of Energy Healing.

Problems: A marked increase in employee rudeness and temperamental behavior, illness and absenteeism and/or costly mistakes
Solution: Property Energy Clearing for Office or Individual Consultations
Working at the Office

A work environment experiencing a significant increase in employee temperamental behavior, illness and major mistakes can be a result of an emotionally toxic work environment. Emotional toxicity is the build up of stress, anxiety and tension that never seems to leave a particular place or space.

Individual Consultations can help employees discuss what is currently challenging them and offer them guidance to a better solution.

A Property Energy Clearing identifies the source of the emotional toxicity so that a business can avoid future problems. Then the Property Energy Clearing energetically cleanses your business location, transforming energies in your environment to make it safer, healthier, more efficient and productive for you, your business, and your staff. Click here to learn more about Property Energy Clearing.

If you don’t currently have a Corporate Wellness Program, we can work with you to establish a program that works best for you and your staff.

Please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page prior to contacting us for answers to method of payment, and more. Contact us today to build a healthier work environment.

Problems: Upcoming event, conference or staff retreat in need of a filler for session breaks or entertainment
Solution: Entertainment for Corporate Events
Tarot Card Readings for Corporate Events
Spiritual Spectra offers tarot card readings for your next corporate event. Great services and great fun! We can provide services for:

  • Business Receptions
  • Networking Events
  • Expos & Trade Shows
  • Conferences & Conventions
  • Corporate Retreats
  • Office Parties

Tarot Card Readings by Spiritual Spectra for Expos and Festivals.Click here to learn more about the entertainment we provide for events. Please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page prior to contacting us for answers to method of payment, and more. Contact us to hire us for your next corporate event.

Being we are centrally located, our Corporate Wellness Services serve the following communities: Columbia, Ellicott City, Elkridge, Catonsville, Jessup, Fort Meade, Laurel, Fulton, Silver Spring, Clarksville, Highland and Olney,  Maryland, and many more. Contact us to see if we can serve you!