Life/Career Guidance

image of road with two choices of directionsSpiritual Spectra offers a variety of services which provide life guidance to help you make better choices for your life. Choose the service(s) which best suits your needs at this time. These services are offered in our Maryland office as well as over the phone or via Zoom. Click on the title link for more information about each service.

Spiritual Consultations
Spiritual Consultations empower individuals by providing guidance on topics such as love, relationships and careers in a non-judgmental and supportive environment. Spiritual Consultations bring clarity to life issues, develop a plan of action, and provide advice and resources. Having provided consultations for over 500 individuals, I have the experience to help you.

Goal Setting Consultations
Goal Setting Consultations are Spiritual Consultations with the specific focus of creating a vision statement and goals for the client’s life, career or business. Clients will come away with a concrete plan of action which will list actions needed to be taken, challenges needed to be overcome and a timeline by which to achieve their vision.

Past Life Readings
Past Life Readings are an opportunity to learn about your various past lives, when and where you lived, how you lived, what talents or characteristics you share from then until now, what challenges you faced that may still affect you and life patterns that keep repeating.

Akashic Records Reading
An Akashic Records Reading is an opportunity to learn about your soul’s journey from past lives, this life and potential future lives. Learn what connects your past, current and future lives, your gifts, talents and abilities, as well as the patterns, beliefs, and misalignments that may be holding you back.

Talks & Workshops
Spiritual Spectra offers a variety of talks and workshops on life guidance, spiritual and healing subjects.