Spirit Communication

AngelsSpiritual Spectra offers a variety of Spirit Communication services to help you get closure and/or peace of mind. Choose the service(s) which best suits your needs at this time. Click on the title link for more information about each service.

Medium Readings
Medium Readings allow individuals to communicate with loved ones in Spirit, Spirit Guides and Angels in a safe and compassionate environment. Medium Readings are offered in our Maryland office as well as over the phone or via Zoom.
Having given readings (private and group) for over 300 individuals, I am able to make the connection you need.

Property Energy Clearing
Property Energy Clearing is an energetic cleansing of your home or business transforming energies in your environment to make it safer, healthier and happier for your family or staff.

Messages from Spirit
Messages from Spirit is a Group Psychic-Medium Reading Event which offers a warm, inviting, community environment whereupon each person receives the benefit of communing with Spirit by hearing and/or receiving messages. Messages from Spirit features Psychic Medium Jennifer Garcia, Founder of Spiritual Spectra, providing predictions and channeled messages from loved ones in Spirit, Spirit Guides & Angels.

Talks & Workshops
Spiritual Spectra offers a variety of talks and workshops on life guidance, spiritual and healing subjects.