Spiritual Consultations

Spiritual Spectra offers Spiritual Consultations.Need guidance on life issues or challenges?
Sometimes you can be too close to an issue or problem to see clearly what is at the root cause of it. It is only when you know the root cause that you can address it appropriately.

Spiritual Spectra offers Spiritual Consultations which convey messages that bring clarity to current issues or challenges and/or closure to unresolved issues. Our Spiritual Consultations empower individuals by providing insight and guidance on life transitions and challenges, relationships, careers and more. We treat all sensitive subjects with care and provide an empathetic, non-judgmental, supportive and relaxing environment.

We offer Spiritual Consultations in our Columbia, Maryland office as well as over the phone or online. Contact us to schedule a consultation. Read further for cost and appointment information.

Tarot Deck
The Spiritual Spectra Difference:

The fundamental difference between a Spiritual Spectra Spiritual Consultation and a Tarot Card Reading or Psychic Reading from another practitioner is that a reading is just that a reading of the cards or psychic message and nothing more.

Whereas during a Spiritual Spectra Spiritual Consultation, after the Tarot Cards have been read we do an overview of all of the cards, consult with the client as to a direction to take in their life, help them develop a plan of action and/or provide advice as to how to handle a situation and in some cases refer them to resources. The Tarot Cards can often reveal situations that are challenging and overwhelming so we believe it is our responsibility to not just read the cards but to advise and provide support to our clients. Having provided consultations for nearly 200 individuals, we have the experience to help you.

Consultation Description and Cost:

30 min – $50: Focuses on 1-2 question(s)/area(s) of your life
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60 min – $100: Explores multiple areas of your life
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90 min – $150: Explores multiple areas of your life
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Choose the Spiritual Consultation that is right for you, pay and then contact us to schedule your appointment. We also accept cash on day of appointment. Please indicate if the appointment will be at our office, via phone or online.

Spiritual Consultations can also be offered for groups and events, click here for more information and pricing. Contact us to schedule.

We also offer Spiritual Tarot Consultations at Metaphysical/New Age/Psychic fairs and festivals. Click here for our Calendar. Times and cost at fairs and festivals may vary.

Appointment Information:

  • You must be at least 18 years old to receive a Spiritual Consultation.
  • Payment Policy: We accept cash and Visa, Master card, Discover card and American Express credit/debit cards – no personal checks. Clients can pay in cash on the day of their consultation. Clients paying with credit/debit cards must pay in advance.
  • Punctuality policy: Clients are expected to arrive on time on agreed upon appointment date and time. If they are 15 minutes or more tardy, then they will be charged for this time accordingly or if our service time is diminished, no refunds will be given.
  • Cancellation policy: Cancellations must be made at least 48 hours prior to appointment; otherwise clients will be responsible for full cost of session. Should there be an emergency, no charge will be made; however, proof of said emergency will be required to void payment requirement.
  • Clients are free to take notes or use a voice recorder to record the sessions to be able to refer back to in the future.
  • Disclaimer: If we’re not receiving a message to convey to you it’s because either you are not ready to receive it or you already know the answer you just don’t want to accept it.
  • Click here to understand the Purpose of Tarot Cards.

Because we are centrally located, our Spiritual Consultations serve the following communities: Columbia, Ellicott City, Elkridge, Catonsville, Jessup, Fort Meade, Laurel, Fulton, and Silver Spring, Maryland. However, we offer consultations over the phone and online so we can serve you no matter where you live. Contact us to schedule an appointment today!