Spring Cleaning, dusting off more than cobwebs! Time for renewal & new possibilities!

spring-blossom.jpgSpring is finally here! Flowers are beginning to bloom and soon we’ll be shedding the layers. I know I will be happy when I can stop carrying around my Winter coat everywhere. Spring is a time of renewal, when plants come bursting up from the ground again. Spring is also a time for new projects and opportunities.

photo of vacuumingA time honored tradition this time of year is Spring Cleaning. It probably began with picking up all of the dead branches and dusting off of the cobwebs that have built up in corners around the home. As we all know Spring Cleaning is more than just running the vacuum or dusting the bookshelves, it involves cleaning every inch of your home. No cobweb or speck of dust is left untouched.

photo of Woman on knees searching through shoes in wardrobeA part of the Spring Cleaning process is also going through your closets to see what clothes and other items are no longer worn, used or of any value to you and then promptly throwing them out or donating them to charity.

TIP: Tackle 1 room at a time. Have garbage bags, boxes & cleaning supplies on hand before you start. Go through every closet and drawer quickly and make 3 piles:

  1. To be saved.
  2. To be sorted.
  3. To be donated or thrown away.

When you have 3 piles, immediately put the garbage bags out on the street, the donation boxes in the trunk of your car, and the to be saved pile back in the closet and drawers. The next day tackle the to be sorted pile.

What most people don’t think about when it comes to Spring Cleaning is all of the unsettled energy that remains in the home. We are all made up of energy so every person who has ever been in your home leaves behind some of that energy, especially during the Winter months of closed windows and hibernation. Don’t let any negative energy hang around before you start having your closest friends over for backyard brunches! Start your Spring off right by clearing your house of any negative energy that has accumulated over the Winter months.

TIP: A simple way to do clear your home’s energy is after you’ve done your Spring Cleaning open all your windows to let fresh air and light in for a whole day.

PropertyEnergyClearing2If your home still feels dense, toxic or shut in after this then you may need a Property Energy Clearing by a professional. A Property Energy Clearing is an energetic cleansing of your property releasing any negative energy that has accumulated and transforming the energy in your environment to make it safer, healthier and happier for those who reside in your home. Spiritual Spectra offers Property Energy Clearing throughout the MidAtlantic region.

If you have ever done a thorough Spring Cleaning you know how absolutely better you feel. You have cleaner surfaces, more space in your closets and you feel better because you’re not overwhelmed by clutter. Spring Cleaning is about cleaning out what no longer serves you in order to make space for what’s new. Have you ever thought about what else in your life you might need to let go of to create new opportunities?

TIP: Take time to consider what old, worn-out ideas, thought patterns, emotional baggage, circumstances or even people you are still clinging to that may be holding you back from living a joyful life.

How can you expect new possibilities & opportunities to enter your life, when you haven’t let go of the old ones that no longer serve you. Perhaps it’s time to Spring Clean your life! Spiritual Spectra offers Spiritual Consultations to provide you the guidance to make better choices for your life and Energy Healing to help release the emotional baggage, fears, and anxiety that is holding you back. Seasonal change is a chance for a new start!

photo of sun and flowersContact Spiritual Spectra today to clear away
Winter blues and welcome in Spring hues!

Feel like you just can’t do Spring Cleaning all by yourself?
Get some help!


Better Home Organizing – to help you sort through it all
Shannon Graham-Cornell

College Hunks Hauling Junk – to haul large items to charities like Habitat for Humanity
Dana Burton

Spiritual Spectra – for guidance and healing
Jennifer Garcia

About spiritualspectra

Spiritual Spectra is a spiritual and holistic healing practice offering an array of services that increase wellness through the mind-body-spirit connection.
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